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Symfo City ProgPages X TOP15 - 2002


Symfo City ProgPoll 2002 results

We would like to thank you for sending your TOP15 of albums of the year 2002. After counting all the votes it became clear which albums are the most favourite.

click to open xymphonia website The winner of the CD's donated by Xymphonia Records is
Bert Zielhuis from Apeldoorn.
He won a set of 7 CD's (Timelock, Entropy, Plackband, Sangamo, Oratory, Pagens Mind and a SymfoCity CDROM). Congratulations!

These albums are the best of 2002 according to our listeners and Internet friends:

The 2002 ProgPoll Results.


Clepsydra - Alone
Mangala Vallis - Book of Dreams Spock's Beard - Snow
Flower Kings - Unfold the Future Camel - A nod and a wink Quidam - The Time Beneath the Sky Glass Hammer - Lex Rex La Tulipe Noire - Faded Leaves
Sylvan - Artificial Paradise Kaipa - Notes from the Past Plackband - After the Battle Peter Gabriel - Up Simon Says - Paradise Square
Grand Stand - Tricks of Time Flamborough Head - One for the Crow

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Clepsydra Alone
Mangala Vallis Book of Dreams
Spock's Beard Snow
The Flower Kings Unfold the Future
Camel A nod and a wink
Quidam The Time Beneath the Sky
Glass Hammer Lex Rex
La Tulipe Noire Faded Leaves
Sylvan Artificial Paradise
Kaipa Notes from the Past
Plackband After the Battle
Peter Gabriel Up
Simon Says Paradise Square
Grand Stand Tricks of Time
Flamborough Head One for the Crow


This is the list of the 2002 releases we announced in our radio program:

Amarok Amarok
Arabesque The union
Big Big Train Bard
Bjorn Lynne Colony
Blazing Bronze Dominion of the east
Bob Katsionis Turn of my century
Camel A nod and a wink
Cast Infinity
Chris Audren Gwen Menez
Citizen Cain Playing dead
Clepsydra Alone
Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman The hound of the Baskervilles
Echolyn Mei
Flamborough Head One for the crow
The Flower Kings Unfold the future
Focus Focus 8
Fragil Sorpresa del tiempo
Galahad Year Zero
Glass Hammer Lex Rex
Grand Stand Tricks of time
The H Band Live body / Live spirit
High Wheel Back from the void
Hostsonaten Springsong
Il Castello di Atlante Come il seguitare
Iona The river flows, Anthology
IZZ I move
Jethro Tull Living with the past
Kaipa Notes from the past
Karnakanic Entering the spectra
Kelly Simonz Silent scream
La Maschera di cera La maschera di cera
La Tulipe Noir Faded leaves
Like Wendy Summer of Eden
Longshot Asylum
Malibran Oltre l'ighoto
Mangala Vallis The book of dreams
Martigan Man of the moment
Michelle Young Marked for madness
Mikromidas Brennende drommer
Mister Kite All in time
Mostly Autumn Lord of the rings
Myster Kah Fresq
Mystery Bloom Lifetime in the heart
Nexus Live at Nearfest
Nightwish 1997-2001
Nightwish Century child
Notturno concertante Riscrivere il passato
Omni El vals de los Duendes
Par Lindh Project Live in Iceland
Pendragon Acoustically challenged
Peter Gabriel Up
Plackband After the battle
Planet X Live from Oz
Quidam The time beneath the sky
Raimundo Rodulfo The Dreams Concerto
Renaissance In the land of the rising sun
Ricocher Cathedral of emotions
RPWL Trying to kiss the sun
S&L Eternal
Seven Reizh Strinkadenn
Shakary The last summer
Simon Says Paradise square
Sinister Street Trust
Sioban L.O.V.E.
Skeem Skeem
Soniq Theater A second of action
Spock's Beard Snow
Star One Space metal
Steve Hillman Opener of the Ways
Submarine Silence Submarine Silence
Sylvan Artificial paradise
Symphony X The odyssey
T Naive
The Lens A word in your eye
The Vow Another world
Threshold Critical mass
Timelock Circle of deception
TimeXposure TimeXposure
T-Naive T-Naive
Tomas Bodin Pinup Guru
Toyz Remember
Us A sorrow in our hearts
Versus X Live at the Spirit
Vital Duo Ex tempore


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