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Symfo City ProgPages X TOP15 - 2003


Symfo City ProgPoll 2003

And the winner is ...Mostly Autumn!!!

We would like to thank you for sending your TOP15 of the year 2003. After counting all the votes it became clear which albums are the most favourite. In our program of Monday January 26th we reveiled the 4 top positions, which completed the series of 3 TOP15-broadcasts.

Ron Lammers (Xymphonia) hands over the CD set to Bert (left) click to open xymphonia website The winner of the CD's donated by Xymphonia Records is

Bert van Rijssen from Twello.
He visited our studio on the 26th and got the set of CD's. Congratulations!

These albums are the best of 2003 according to our listeners and Internet friends:

The 2003 ProgPoll Results.


Message from
Mostly Autumn
Mostly Autumn - Passengers
Kaipa - Keyholder Satellite - A Street between sunrise and Sunset
Arena - Contagion Galleon - From Land to Ocean Neal Morse - Testimony Kayak - Merlin, Bard of the Unseen Trion - Tortoise
Jadis - Fanatic Karnataka - Delicate flame of Desire Porcupine Tree - In Absentia Jack Yello - Thorns of Anger RPWL - Stock
Svann - Granica czerni i bieli Dr No - El bufo de la Cort

(Click on the picture for more information)


Mostly Autumn Passengers
Kaipa Keyholder
Satellite A Street between sunrise and Sunset
Arena Contagion
Galleon From Land to Ocean
Neal Morse Testimony
Kayak Merlin, Bard of the Unseen
Trion Tortoise
Jadis Fanatic
Karnataka Delicate flame of desire
Porcupine Tree In absentia
Jack Yello Thorns of anger
RPWL Stock
Svann Granica czerni i bieli
Dr No El bufo de la Cort


This is the list of the 2003 releases we announced in our radio program:

(I am) one The gates of industry
A triggering myth Forgiving Eden (2002)
A.C.T Last epic
Aemen Fooly dressed (2002)
Aeolus Dust on the mirror
Alquin One more night
Amarok Neo Way
Andromeda II=I
Anekdoten Gravity
Arena Contagion
Arena Contagious
Ashtar Urantia (2002)
Atempo Abismos del tiempo (2002)
Blindfaith The rule of right (2002)
Calliope Generazione
Carptree Superhero
Cast Al-bandaluz
Casual Silence Once in a blue moon
Citizen Cain Playing Dead
Condition Red Condition Red II
Conspiracy The Unknown
Cyril Achard Confusion (2002)
Deep Thought Somewhere in the Dark (2002)
Dr. No El bufo de la cort
Edward Box Plectrumhead (2002)
Elias Viljanen Taking the lead
Fanni Völgyessy Szomor Tünder Rózsa (2002)
The Flower Kings Alive Recording 2003
Folk Ivan Sea of Glass (2002)
Galaxy-lin "G" (2002)
Galleon From land to ocean
The Guardian's Office The Guardian's Office
Ines Project Slipping into the unknown (2002)
Invictus Black heart
IQ IQ20, the archive collection
Jack Yello Thorns of anger
Jadis Fanatic
Janos Varga Project The wings of revelation II
John Wetton Rock of faith
Kaipa Keyholder
Karnataka Delicate flame of desire
Kayak Merlin - Bard of the unseen
King Crimson The power to believe
King of Darkness Triple whammy (2002)
La Maschera di Cera Il grande labirinto
Lark Echo In the Texture
Manning The View From My Window
Mars Volta De-loused in the comatorium
Martone A demon's dream (2002)
Medea Individual unique (2002)
Metamorphosis After all these years
Mindflowers Improgressive
Mostly Autumn Live in the USA
Mostly Autumn Passengers
Musical Witchcraft II Utopia (2002)
Neal Morse Testimony
NeBeLNeST Nova express (2002)
Niacin Blood, sweat and beers (2003)
Niacin Time Crunch (2002)
NightWish End of Innocence (Live at summer Brteeze 2002)
Odyssice Moon Drive Plus
Oratory Beyond earth (2002)
OSI Office of Strategic Influence
Pagans' Mind Celestial Entrance (2002)
Pallas The blinding darkness
Peter Gabriel Hit
PFM Live in Japan 2002 (2002)
Pineapple Thief Variations on a dream
Poor Genetic Material Winter´s edge
Porcupine Tree In Absentia
Product Aire
Rick Wakeman Out there
Rob Andrews Cyclops Sampler 5
Root Resolution
RPWL Stock
Saga Marathon (2002)
Satellite A street between sunrise and sunset
Section A The seventh sign
Soniq Theater The third eye
Spektrum Spektrum
Sphere3 Comeuppance
Spock´s Beard Feel Euphoria
Star Queen Faithbringer
Steve Hackett To watch the storms
Steve Hackett Somewhere in South America....Live in Buenos Aires (2002)
Sun Caged Sun Caged
Svann Granica czerni i bieli
The Tangent The music that died alone
Tantalus Lumen et Caligo I (2002)
Tempano The agony and the ecstacy (2002)
Thieves' Kitchen Shibboleth
Threshold Wireless (Acoustic sessions)
Tomas Bodin Sonic Boulevard
Tony Hernando The shades of truth (2002)
Transatlantic Live in Europe
Transience Primordial
Trion Tortoise
Turquoise Po drugiej stronie
Twelfth Night Art of Illusions (Re-issue)
Twelfth Night Fact and Fiction (Re-issue)
Ultime Atome Dark Visions
Ulysses Symbioses
Us Eamon´s day
Various Artists Cyclops Sampler 5
Winterlong The second coming
Wizard Odin
Xinema Different Ways (2002)
Zen Rock & Roll End of the Age (2002)


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