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Symfo City ProgPages X TOP15 - 2004


Symfo City ProgPoll 2004

We would like to thank you for sending your TOP15 of the year 2004. After counting all the votes it became clear which albums are the most favourite. click to open xymphonia website

The winner of the CD's donated by Xymphonia Records is

Hendrik Brink from Rosmalen.
He visited our studio on February 14th to collect the set of CD's. Congratulations!
Hendrik Brink won the CD set

Note: You can find the personal TOP15 of each SymfoCity Team member in the About Us page.

The 2004 ProgPoll Results.


IQ - Dark Matter
Neal Morse - One Magenta - Seven
Marillion - Marbles kinght Area - The sun also rises Riverside - Out of myself The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve The Watch - Vacuum
Glass Hammer - Shadowlands Mangrove - Touchwood Karmakanic - The wheel of life Ricocher - Chains Blackfield - Blackfield
Splinter - The devil's jigsaw Salmon - When the dust settles

(Click on the picture for more information)


IQ Dark Matter
Neal Morse One
Magenta Seven
Marillion Marbles
Knight Area The Sun also rises
Riverside Out of Myself
The Flower Kings Adam & Eve
The Watch Vacuum
Glass Hammer Shadowlands
Mangrove Touchwood
Karmakanic The Wheel of Life
Ricocher Chains
Blackfield Blackfield
Splinter The Devil's Jigsaw
Salmon When the dust settles


This is the list of the 2004 releases we announced in our radio program:

7th Circle Unsummon demo (2003)
Abydos Abydos
Alias Eye Different Point of You (2003)
Anand Joy 4 ever
Anyone's Daughter Wrong
Apogee The garden of delights
Aragon The angels tears
Arena Contagium (2003)
Ars Nova Biogenesis project
AtmOsfear Inside the atmosphere
Ayreon Day eleven:Love (EP) (2003)
Beyond inspiration A tribute to Uli Jon Roth (2003)
Big Big Train Gathering speed
Blackfield Blackfield
Cast Nimbus
Chain Reconstruct (2003)
Cross Playgrounds
Cryptic Vision Moments of clarity
David Bainbridge Veil of Gossammer
Dio Master of the moon
Epica The Phantom Agony (2003)
Erasmus Voyage (2003)
Erik Norlander Threshold special edition
Fish Field of crows
Flower Kings Adam & Eve
Fluxury Me the enemy
Forgotten suns Snooze
Frogg Café Creatures (2003)
Glass Hammer Live At Nearfest
Glasshammer Shadowlands
Guy Manning The view from my window (2003)
Happy the man The muse awakens
Inquire Melancholia / Welcome to my rock & roll
In-tension Fragments
IQ Dark matter
Ixion Cryogenesis
Jon Oliva's Pain Tage Mahal
Karda Estra Constellation (2003)
Karnataka Strange behaviour
Ken's Novel Domain of Oblivion
Kit Watkins Flying petals
Knight Area The sun also rises
Kopecky Sunset gun
The Spaghetti Epic Six…
Lana Lane Return to Japan
Like Wendy Homeland (2003)
Liquid Scarlet Liquid scarlet
Little Atlas Surface serene (2003)
Lucifer Was Blues from Hellah
Magenta Seven
Malibran Strani Colori
Mangrove Touch wood
Marillion Marbles
Metamorphosis Nobody cares (2003)
Metaphor Entertaining Thanatos
Minimum Vital Atlas
Moongarden Round Midnight
Natural science This side of Paradise (2003)
Navigator Re:Evolution One
Neal Morse One
Niacin Blood, sweat and beers (2003)
Nick Magnus Hexameron
Odyssice Moondrive plus (2003)
Orphan Project Orphan Found (2003)
OVNI Humanos pero no terrestres
Paatos Kallocain
Par Lindh & Bjorn Johansson Dreamsongs From Middle Earth
Peter Gabriel Hit (2003)
Pi2 Retorn
Pilgrym Pilgrimage
Pineapple Thief Variations on a dream (2003)
Product Aire (2003)
ProtoKaw Before became after
Pylgrim Pilgrimage
Rhapsody Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret
Ricocher Chains
Ritual Ritual
Riverside Out of myself (2003)
S&L Time machine
Saens Prophet in a statistical world
Saga Network
Salem Hill Be (2003)
Salmon When the Dust Settles...
Siddharta Rh-
Silver Lining The inner dragon
Solar Dark places (2003)
Solar project Force Majeure
Splinter The Devil's Jigsaw
Svann Granica czerni i bieli (2003)
Sylvan X-rayed
Syzygy The allegory of light
Talisma Corpus (2003)
The Amber Light Goodbye To Dusk, Farewell To Dawn
The Flower Kings Adam and Eve
The Mars Volta De-loused in the comatorium (2003)
The Tangent The music that died alone (2003)
The Tangent The world that we drive through
The Watch Vacuum
Threshold Critical energy
Tr3nity Precious seconds
Transience Primordial (2003)
Triangle Retreat
Vitalij Kuprij Forward & Beyond (2003)
White willow Storm Season
Michael Pinnella Enter by the Twelfth Gate
Asia Silent Nation
Neil Rambaldi Perpetual Horizon
Tom Janssen The Element of Surprise
Tantalus Lumen et Caligo II
Karmakanic The wheel of life
Day Six Eternal dignity (2003)
Triangle Retreat
Chaneton The first lights of the century
Vast Nude
Porcupine Tree Be
Within Temptation The silent force


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