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Symfo City ProgPages X TOP15 - 2005


Symfo City ProgPoll 2005

We would like to thank you for sending your TOP15 of the year 2005. After counting all the votes it became clear which albums are the most favourite. click to open xymphonia website The winner of the CD's donated by Flamborough Head and Mangrove (their new albums) and Xymphonia Records is:
Aart Harder from Zaltbommel !!

Note: You can find the personal TOP15 of each SymfoCity Team member in the About Us page.

The 2005 ProgPoll Results.


Pendragon- Believe
Porcupine Tree - Deadwing Pallas - Dreams of Men
Riverside - Second Life Syndrome Neil Morse - ? Arena - Pepper's Ghost Mangala Vallis - Lycanthrope K2 - Book of the Dead
Mangrove - Facing the Sunset RPWL - The world through my eyes satellite - Evening games kino - Picture Glass Hammer - The incosolable secret
Spock's Beard - Octane Mostly Autumn - Storms over still water

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Pendragon Believe
Porcupine Tree Deadwing
Pallas Dreams of Men
Riverside Second Life Syndrome
Neil Morse ? (Question Mark)
Arena Pepper's Ghost
Mangala Vallis Lycanthrope
K2 Book of the Dead
Mangrove Facing the Sunset
RPWL The world through my eyes
Satellite Evening games
Kino Picture
Glass Hammer The inconsolable secret
Spock's Beard Octane
Mostly Autumn Storms over still water


This is the list of the 2005 releases we announced in our radio program:

4/3 de Trio Ersatz
Ajalon On The Threshold Of Eternity (2004)
Alex Lysenko Unreal - Crazy symfony of Alex Lysenko
Alquin Blue Planet
Amagrama Ciclotimia (2004)
Angulart Donde Renacen las Horas (2004)
Anti Depressive Delivery Feal.Melt.Release.Escape (2004)
Arena Pepper's Ghost
Aries Aries
Arion Arion
Art Rock Circus Tell a vision
Asia Silent Nation (2004)
The Aurora Project Unspoken words
Beyond The Labyrinth Signs
Bijou El Profeta (2004)
Brother Ape On the outer side
Carptree Man made machine
Chaneton The first lights of the century (2004)
Chelson Wells Demo januari 2004 (2004)
Crazy World Crazy World
Credo Rhetoric
Dead soul tribe The January Tree (2004)
Derek Sherinian Mythology (2004)
Drahk von Trip Heart and consequence
Drama Stigmata of change
Dream Aria In the Wake
Dream Theater Octavarium
Echolyn The end is beautiful
Enchant Live at last (2004)
Epica The Score (An Epic Journée)
Flamborough Head Tales of Imperfection
Fruitcake Man overboard
The Gak Omek Return of The All-Powerful Light Beings (2004)
Gazpacho Firebird
Gerard The power of infinity
Giardini D''Autunno Frammenti Di Idee Peredute
Glass Hammer The inconsolable secret
Hamadryad Safe in conformity
House of Not The Walkabout part 1: Off the path (2004)
House of Not The Walkabout part 2: Sexus
Ian Jennings Breathing Space
Il Castello Di Atlante QuintaEssenza (2004)
Jeff Urso Straight ahead
Jelly Jam, the 2 (2004)
John Hackett Checking out of London
K2 Book of the dead (2004)
Kaipa Mindrevolutions
Kamelot The black halo
Kaos Moon The circle of madness (2004)
Karma Depth Resilience
Kayak Nostradamus - The fate of man
Ken Baird Martin Road (2004)
Kino Picture
Lana Lane Lady Macbeth
Lands End The lower depths
Le Orme L'infinito
Like Wendy Endgame
Liquid Scarlet II
Liquid Scarlet Killer couple strikes again
Little Atlas Wanderlust
Maestoso Grim
Magellan Symphony for a misanthrope
Magenta Another time.... another place (2004)
Magic Pie Motions of desire
Malaavia Danze d'Incenso (2004)
Maldoror L'Arbre-Cimetière (2004)
Malpractice Deviation from the flow
Mangala Vallis Lycanthrope
Mangrove Facing the sunset
Manning One small step
Marillion Marbles (2004)
Metamorphosis Then all was silent
Michael Pinnella Enter by the Twelfth Gate (2004)
Mirage Tales from the green sofa (2004)
Moonsafari Doorway to Summer
Mostly Autumn Spirit of Christmas Past
Mostly Autumn Storms over still water
Mostly Autumn The V shows
Neal Morse Question Mark
Nice Beaver Packed at Oregon (2004)
Nil Novo sub sole
NovAct Tales from the soul
Opeth Ghost Reveries
Pain of Salvation Be (2004)
Pallas Dreams of Men
Panopticum Reflection
Pendragon Believe
Pi2 The endless journey
Pineapple Thief 10 Stories down
Pineapple Thief 4 Stories down
Planet P Project 1931 [Go Out Dancing Part One] (2004)
Porcupine Tree Deadwing
Presto Ballet Peace among the ruins
Product The Fire
ProgAid All Around The World
Protokaw The Wait of Glory
Quill Sursum corda (2004)
Rag I Riggen Rag I Ryggen
Rain Cerulean Blue (2004)
Rain for a day Elemental (2004)
Rak Lepidoptera
Retroheads Retrospective (2004)
Rhapsody The magic of the wizard's dream
Riverside Second Life Syndrome
Riverside Voices in my head (EP)
Roine Stolt Wall Street Voodoo
Royksopp The understanding
RPWL Start the fire (Live)
RPWL World Through My Eyes
Russel Allen Atomic Soul
S.O.T.E. Promo 2005 (2004)
Saga The chapters live
Salem Hill Mimi's magic moment
Salmon When the dust settles (2004)
Satellite Evening games
Segunda Mirror
Shadow Gallery Room V
Shaun Guerin The epic quality of life (2004)
Sieges Even The art of navigating by the stars
Skyron Orchestra Skyron Orchestra
Soniq Theater Pandromania
Soniq Theater This Mortal Coil (2004)
Splinter The devil's jigsaw (2004)
Spock´s Beard Octane
Starsailor On the outside
Steve Adams Camera Obscura (2004)
Steve Howe Homebrew 3
Steve Howe Spectrum
Steve Thorne Emotional creatures Part1
Steve Unruh Song to the Sky
Stream of Passion Embrace the Storm
SvartePan Nattvandring
The Syn Syndestructible
Swedish Family (Tomas Bodin) Vintage Prog - The best of SF (2004)
Tantalus Lumen et Caligo II (2004)
The Flower Kings Adam & Eve (2004)
Toccata Circe
Tom Janssen The Element of Surprise (2004)
Tomas Bodin I Am
Trettioariga Kriget Krigssang (2004)
U I Blue Songbird's cry
Us The ghost of human kindness (2004)
Vast Nude (2004)
Violent Silence Kinetic
The Vow Devil in disguise
Vulgar Unicorn Persona non grato
Dave Weiner Shove The Sun Aside
Within Temptation The silent force
Zello First Chapter, Second Verse (2004)
Zen Rock and Roll The Birthright Circle (2004)


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