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Symfo City ProgPages X TOP15 - 2006


Symfo City ProgPoll 2006

We would like to thank you for sending your TOP15 of the year 2006. After counting all the votes it became clear which albums are the most favourite. The winner of the CD set is:
Coen Koldenhof from Ugchelen !!

Note: You can find the personal TOP15 of each SymfoCity Team member in the About Us page.

The 2006 ProgPoll Results.


Magenta - Home / New York Suite
Sylvan - Posthumous Silence Mindgames - Actors in a Play
David Gilmour - On an Island Tangent - Place in the queue The Flower Kings - Paradox Hotel Spock's Beard - Spock's Beard Saga - Trust
Frost - Milliontown Retroheads - Introspective Jadis = Photoplay Red Sand - Gentry Mangrove - Coming Back To Live
Pictorial Wand - A Sleepers Awakening Also Eden - About Time

(Click on the picture for some sound samples)


Magenta Home / New York Suite
Sylvan Posthunous Silence
Mindgames Actors in a Play
David Gilmour On an Island
The Tangent A place in the queue
Flower Kings Paradox Hotel
Spock's Beard Spock's Beard
Saga Trust
Frost* Milliontown
Retroheads Introspective
Jadis Photoplay
Red Sand Gentry
Mangrove Coming Back To Live
Pictorial Wand A Sleepers Awakening
Also Eden About Time


This is the list of the 2006 releases we announced in our radio program:

4/3 de Trio Ersatz (2005)
A.C.T. Silence
Abarax Crying of the whales
After The Fall Knowledge
Agent Cooper Beginner's Mind (2005)
Alquin Blue Planet (2005)
Also Eden About time
Annie Haslam with Magenta Night and day
Arena Smoke & mirrors
Arion Arion (2005)
Arpia Terramare
Atempo Simple
Blackmore's night The Village Lanterne
Brighteye Brison Stories
Brother Ape Shangri-La
Caamora (Clive Nolan & Agneiszka Swita) Closer
Cast Mosaique
Combination Head Combination Head
Crazy World Crazy world (2005)
Credo Rhetoric (2005)
Cryptic Vision Live at ROSfest (2005)
Cryptic Vision In a world
David Gilmour On An Island
Day Shift Imaginary Menagerie
Day Shift Of whispers
Derek Sherinian Blood of the snake
Dream Aria In The Wake (2005)
Edera And mouth disappears (2005)
Elvenking The Winter Wake
Eric Mantel The unstruck melody
Evergrey Monday morning apocalypse
Eye To Eye One In Every Crowd
Ezra Songs from Pennsylvania
First band from outer space Were Only In It For The Spacerock (2005)
First band from outer space Impressionable sounds of the subsonic
Fish Return to childhood
Flamborough Head Tales of imperfection (2005)
Flower Kings Paradox Hotel
For Absent Friends Square One
Frost Milliontown
Gargamel Watch For The Umbles
Ghiribizzi Pan'ta Rhei (2005)
GPS Window to the soul
High Wheel Live before the storm
Hdra This famous unknown (2005)
Iona The circling hour
Ixion Talisman
Jadis Photoplay
Jan Kief Las Hadas No Vuelan Mas - I. Vagas Nubes
Jim Gilmour Great escape
Karfagen Continium
Kate Bush Aerial (2005)
Khatsaturjan Aramed forces of simantipak
King Eider Somateria spectabilis
Kotebel Omphalos
Kramer Kramer [mini-album]
La Tulipe Noir Nostimon Hemar
Lady Lake SuperCleanDreamMachine (2005)
Lands End The lower depths (2005)
Little Atlas Wanderlust (2005)
Luca Turilli The infinite wonders of creation
Luca Turilli's Dreamquest Lost horizons
Magenta Home
Magenta New York Suite
Magnesis L'immortel opera
Malaavia Danze d'Incenso (2005)
Mangala Vallis Lycanthrope (2005)
Mangrove Coming back to live
Manning One small step (2005)
Manning Answer's Tree
Marygold The guns of Marygold
Medea Room XVII
Mind Sky Timewise (2005)
Mindgames Actors in a play
Minstrel Faust
Moon Safari A doorway to summer (2005)
Mostly Autumn Spirits of christmas past (2005)
Mostly Autumn Storms over London Town
Narrow Pass A room of fairy queens
Nautilus What colours the sky in your world
Nemo Si partie 1
Nil Nil novo sub sole (2005)
No Name 4
North Star Extremes (2005)
October Equus October Equus
Odrareg God's Garden (2005)
Oliver Wakeman Mother's ruin (2005)
Oresund Space Collective Oresund Space Collective (2005)
OSI Free
Paatos Silence of another kind
Pax Romana Trace of light
Phideaux 313
Pictorial Wand A Sleeper's Awakening
Plackband Visions
Poor Genetic Material Spring tidings
Project Creation Floating world (2005)
Proto-Kaw The wait of glory (2005)
Quidam SurREvival (2005)
Quidam Halfplugged
Red Sand Gentry (2005)
Retroheads Introspective
Revelation Kalevala
Ricochet Zarah: a teartown story
Riverside Conceiving you
Roine Stolt Wall street voodoo (2005)
Rocket Scientists Revolution Road
Saga Trust
Salem Hill Mimi's magic moment (2005)
Sandstone Looking for myself
Sensitive to light Almost human
Sideways ... and there is light
Skyron Orchestra Situations
Soniq Theater Enchanted
Spock's Beard Spock's Beard
Steve Hackett Wild Orchid
Strangefish Fortune telling
Submarine Silence Kalevala
Sylvan Posthumous silence
Talisma Chromium (2005)
The Flower Kings Paradox hotel
The Gift Awake and dreaming
The Syn Syndestructible (2005)
The Tangent A place in the queue
The Third Ending The Third Ending
Tim Morse Transformation (2005)
Tony Levin Resonator
Ubi Maior Nostos (2005)
Umphrey's McGee Safety in numbers
Vandenplas Christ O
Various Artists A taste of Belgium
Various Artists Canossa - Rock Opera
Various Artists Kalevala
Various Artists Odyssey - The greatest tale
Various Artists Progressive rock epics
Viima Ajatuksia maailman laidalta
Violent Silence Kinetic (2005)
Waterclime The Astral Factor
Wobbler Hinterland (2005)
Xinema Basic communication
Yesterdays Holdfenykert
Zenit Surrender


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