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Symfo City ProgPages X TOP15 - 2007


Symfo City ProgPoll 2007

We would like to thank you for sending your TOP15 of the year 2007. After counting all the votes it became clear which albums are the most favourite. The winner of the CD set is:
Hans Harleman from Deventer !!

Note: You can find the personal TOP15 of each SymfoCity Team member in the About Us page.

The 2007 ProgPoll Results.


Knight Area - Under A New Sign
Riverside - REM (2CD!) Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet
Blackfield - Blackfield II Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura Nexus - Perpetuum Karma Marillion - Somewhere Else The Flower Kings - The Sum of No Evil
The Watch - Primitive Mystery - Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face Trion - Pilgrim Big Big Train - The Difference Machine Quidam - Alone Together
La Torre Dell'Alchimista - Neo Satellite - Into the Night

Click on the pictures for more information (some of them also have links to MP3 samples)


Knight Area Under A New Sign
Riverside Rapid Eye Movement (2CD)
Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet
Blackfield Blackfield II
Neal Morse Sola Scriptura
Nexus Perpetuum Karma (2006)
Marillion Somewhere Else
The Flower Kings The Sum of No Evil
The Watch Primitive
Mystery Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face
Trion Pilgim
Big Big Train The Difference Machine
Quidam Alone Together
La Torre Dell'Alchimista Neo
Satellite Into the Night


This is the list of the releases we announced in our radio program in 2007:

Artist Album (Year)
Abigail's Ghost Selling insincerity
Accept Silver Moon
Advent Cantus Firmus (2006)
Albion Wabiac Cenie
Also Eden About time (2006)
Amaran's Plight Voice in the Light
Anathema A Moment in Time (2006)
Anekdoten A time of day
Apple Pie Crossroad
Arpia Terramare (2006)
Asia Fantasia/Live in Tokyo
Beardfish Sleeping In Traffic: Part One
Big Big Train The difference machine
Black Bonzo Sound Of The Apocalypse
Blackfield Blackfield II
Blind Ego Mirror (2006)
Brain Connect Brain Connect
Cannata Mysterium Magnum (2006)
Canvas Digital Pigeon
Carptree Insekt
Cast Com.union
Casual Silence Lost in life
Chris Squire Chris Squire's Swiss Choir
Coda Sounds of Passion [remastered]
Conqueror 74 Giorni
Cosmos Skygarden (2006)
Dave Kulju Abstract Expression
David Gilmour On an Island (2006)
Deluge Grander August in the Urals (2006)
Dial Synchronized (2006)
Dominici O3,A trilogy-part2
Doracor Onirika
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos
Ex-Vagus Âmes Vagabondes (2006)
Eye to eye One in every crowd (2006)
Feed Forward Barefoot & Naked
Ferris Mudd Ferris Mudd
Flamborough Head Live in Budapest
Focus Focus 9/New Skin (2006)
Frost Milliontown (2006)
Galleon Engines of creation
Gazpacho Night
Glass Hammer The Compilations, 1996-2004
Gosta Berlings Saga Tid ar ljud (2006)
Gravity Tree Ultimate Backward (2006)
Grobschnitt The International Story (2006)
High Wheel Live before the storm (2006)
Iluzjon City Zen
It Bites When the lights go down
Kaipa Angling feelings
Kara Kara (2006)
Knight Area Under A New Sign 
La Torre dell Alchimista Neo
Lady Lake Unearthed (2006)
Little Atlas Hollow
Little Tragedies The sixth sense (2006)
Magenta The Singles
Magic Pie Circus of life
Magni Animi Viri Heroes Temporis
Mangrove Coming back to live (2006)
Manning Anser's Tree (2006)
Marco Ferrigno Hanging Gardens (2006)
Marillion Somewhere else
Medina Azahara Se Abre La Puerta
Mermaid Kiss Etarlis
Metaphor The Sparrow
Milo's Craving The More You Know (2006)
Mind's eye Walking On H2O (2006)
Mostly Autumn Heart full of sky (2006)
Mystery Beneath the Veil of Winter's face
Neal Morse Sola scriptura
Nemo Si - partie II
Nexus Perpetuum Karma (2006)
Nightwish End of an Era (2006)
Notabene Sei Lacrime d'Ambra
Oceansize Frames
Omni Solo Fue un Sueno
Opeth Roundhouse Tapes
Outer Limits Stromatolite
OVNI Los Verdaderos Propósitos de Dios (2006)
Pendragon And now everybody to the stage
Peter Pan Days
Pictorial Wand A Sleeper's Awakening (2006)
Porcupine Tree Fear Of A Blank Planet
Premiata Forneria Marconi Stati Di Immaginazione (2006)
Puppet show The Tale Of Woe
Quidam Alone Together
Ra Wake
Reasoning, The Awakening
Red Sand Human Trafficking
Redemption The Origins of Ruin
Rick Wakeman Retro (2006)
Ritual Live
Ritual The Hemulic Voluntary Band
Riverside Rapid Eye Movement
Robert Berry Prime Cuts
Rocket scientists Revolution Road (2006)
Saga 10.000 Days
Saga Trust (2006)
Saga Worlds apart revisited
Satellite Into The Night
Seven Reizh Samsara (2006)
Sieges Even Paramount
Solar Project Chromagnitude
Soniq Circus Sonic Circus
Soniq Theater ­ Seventh Heaven
Spock's Beard Spock's Beard (2006)
Starcastle Song of times
Steve Hackett Wild orchids (2006)
Steve Thorne Part Two - Emotional Creatures
Sylvan Presets
T Voices (2006)
Taproban 7 Samurai
The Black Noodle Play again (2006)
The Flower Kings The sum of no evil
Threshold Dead Reckoning
Trespass Morning Lights (2006)
Trion Pilgrim
Villebrad Alla Är Här Utom Jag (2006)
Visible Breath Degrees of light
Watch, the Live bootleg (2006)
Watch, the Primitive
Wetton / Downes Icon II - Rubicon (2006)
White Willow Signal to noise (2006)
Within Temptation The heart of everything
Xang The last of the lasts
Zen Carnival Bardo (2006)


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