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Symfo City ProgPages X TOP15 - 2008


Symfo City ProgPoll 2008

We would like to thank you for sending your TOP15 of the year 2008. After counting all the votes it became clear which albums are the most favourite.

This year
Harry Radstake from Deventer is the winner of set of CD's.

He visited our studio on the 26th and got his set of CD's (pictures by Theo van Beek).
Harry Radstake Left to right: Wim, Harry and Simon

The 2008 ProgPoll Results.


Moonsafari - Blomljud
Pendragon - Pure Simon Says - Tardigrade
Karmakanic - Who's the boss in the factory Gazpacho - Night Martin Orford - The Old Road Unifaun - Unifaun Beardfish - Sleeping in Traffic part Two
Fish - 13th Star The Tangent - Not as Good as the Book Moth Vellum - Moth Vellum Also Eden - It's Kind of you to Ask Phideaux - Doomsday Afternoon
Nemezis - Nemezis Moongarden - Song from the lighthouse

Click on the pictures for more information (some of them also have links to MP3 samples)


Moon Safari Blomljud
Simon SaysTardigrade
KarmakanicWho's the boss in the factory
Martin OrfordThe Old Road
BeardfishSleeping in Traffic part Two
Fish13th Star
The TangentNot as Good as the Book
Moth VellumMoth Vellum
Also EdenIt's Kind of you to Ask
PhideauxDoomsday Afternoon
MoongardenSong from the lighthouse


This is the list of the releases we announced in our radio program in 2008:

Artist Album (Year)
Abel Ganz Shooting Albatross
Abigail's Ghost Selling insincerity (2007)
Airbag Safetree [EP] (2007)
Alan Morse Four O'Clock And Hysteria (2007)
Albion Broken Hopes (2007)
Alpha Wave Movement The Mystic and The Machine (2007)
Also Eden It's kind of you to Ask
Anathema Hindsight
André Matos Time To Be Free (2007)
Andrew Gorczyca Reflections - An Act Of Glass
Andrew Roussak No Trespassing (2007)
Ange Zenith an II (2007)
Animations Animations (2007)
Asia Phoenix
Ayreon 01011001
Balloon Motivation (2007)
Beardfish Sleeping in Traffic part II
Believe Yesterday is a Friend
Blind Ego Mirror (2007)
Blue Floyd Begins
Brighteye Brison Believers & Deceivers
Brother Ape III
Bushwhack Bushwhack (2007) (added later)
Caamora She
Cannata Mysterium Magnum (2007)
Cathedral The Bridge
Chris Squire Chris Squire's Swiss Choir (2007)
Circa Circa (2007)
Circusfolk Making Faces (2007)
Coda Sounds of Passion [remastered] (2007)
Cog Sharing space
Coldplay Vive La Vida
Colossos Project The empire and the rebellion (added later)
Combination Head Progress (2007)
Conqueror 74 Giorni (2007)
Coral Caves Mitopoiesi (added later)
Cosmic Nomads Milennium
Daryl Stuermer Go (2007)
David Gilmour Live in Gdansk
Days between Stations Days between Stations
Deadsoul Tribe A Lullaby For the Devil (2007)
Deeexpus Half way home (added later)
Demians Building on Empire (2007)
DFA 4th (added later)
Din Within Awaken the Man
Direction Est (added later)
Don Airey A Light In The Sky
Dorian Opera No Secrets (added later)
Dracma Ubud
Edensong The Fruit Fallen
Electrum Standard Deviation (2007)
Ephrat No one's words (added later)
Fish 13th Star
Flamborough Head Live in Budapest (2007)
Fromuz Overlook
Frost Experiments In Mass Appeal (added later)
Galleon Engines of creation (2007)
Gazpacho Night (2007)
Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij Silent witnesses of Industrial Landscapes (added later)
Ghost Circus Across The Line (2007)
Glass Hammer Culture of Ascent (2007)
Gourishankar, the 2nd Hands (2007)
Grendel The Helpless (added later)
Gurth From The Ancient World
Haze Stoat & Bottle (added later)
Heart Of Sun Heart Of Sun (2007)
Hoggwash The last horizon (2007)
Holding Pattern Breaking the Silence (2007)
Hostsonaten Winterthrough
It Bites Tall Ships
IZZ Live at Nearfest (2007)
James Labrie Prime Cuts
Jan Schelhaas Dark Ships (added later)
Jean Pascal Boffo La Boite a Musique (2007)
Jelly Fiche Tout ce que jái reve
Jupiter Society First contact or Last Warning
Karfagen The Space Between Us (2007)
Karmakanic Who's The Boss In The Factory
Kayak Coming up for air (2007)
Kayanis Where Abandoned Pelicans Die (added later)
Keith Emerson Band Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla (added later)
King of Agogik Aleatorik System
Kramer - Interview in the Studio Life Cycle (2007)
Le Orme Live in Pennsylvania
Little Tragedies Chinese Songs I (2007)
Little Tragedies Chinese Songs II (2007)
Loonypark Egoist
Lunatic Soul Lunatic Soul (2007)
Magellan Innocent God (2007)
Magenta Metamorphosis (2007)
Majestic Descension (2007)
Mandré A Difficult Journey
Manning Songs From The Bilston House (2007)
Marillion Happiness is the road
Martin Orford The Old Road
Massimo Izzizzari Unstable Balance (2007)
Mattsson Dream Child
Maze Of Time Tales From The Maze (2007)
Metaphor The Sparrow (2007)
Mike Grande My Dash Between The Numbers (2007)
Millenium 7 years (added later)
Mind Furniture Hoop of Flame
Mindfields One (2007)
Moon Safari Blomljud
Moongarden Songs from the Lighthouse
Moonlight Sky Moonlight Sky (2007)
Moonrise The Lights of a Distant Bay
Mostly Autumn Glass Shadows
Moth Vellum Moth Vellum (2007)
Neal Morse Lifeline
Nebuleyes Divine Revolution (2007)
Nemezis Nemezis
Nemo Si Partie II, L'Homme Ideal (2007)
New Trolls Concerto Grosso:The seven Seasons (2007)
Nightwish Dark Passion Play (2007)
No Man Schoolyard Ghosts
Nosound Lightdark (2007)
Okajimahal Broken Moment Passes
Open Space Open Space
Opeth Watershed
Overhead And we're Not here After All (2008)
Pallas Moment to Moment
Panic Room Visionary Position
Paul Gilbert Silence Followed By a Deafening roar
Pendragon Pure
Peter Pan Days (2007)
PFM 35...E un minuto
Phideaux Doomsday Afternoon (2007)
Pinnacle Meld (2007)
Point of View Disillusioned (2007)
Porcupine Tree Nil recurring (2007)
Port Mahadia Echoes in Time (2007)
Presto Ballet The Lost Art Of Time Travel (added later)
Progressive Xperience X (2007)
Project Creation Dawn on Pyther (2007)
Pure Reason Revolution Live at Nearfest
Quantum Fantay From Herzberg to Living Room
Quantum Fantay Ugisiunsi (2007)
Quiet Earth Orchestra Quiet Earth Orcestra (added later)
Ra Wake (2007)
Rich Casey Shadowblack (added later)
Rick Wakeman Retro 2 (2007)
Riverside Schizophrenic Prayer
Rousseau One step up… two back (added later)
RPWL The RPWL Experience
R-U Kaiser Ocelos
Rush Snakes & Arrows (2007)
SBB The Rock (added later)
Sense Going Home
Sensitive to light From The Ancient World
Senza Nome And we're Not here After All
Sieges Even Paramount (2007)
Signal To Noise Ratio Stan Nieustalony (2007)
Signs of One Innerlands (2007)
Silhouette A Maze (2007)
Simon Says Tardigrade
Solar Project Chromagnitude
Soniq Theater Life Seeker
Splinter Dreamers (2007)
Survival Crusader (added later)
Talisma Quelque Part (added later)
T-Bo - We stay together (2007) (added later)
Tempus Fugit Chessboard (added later)
The CS Audio Project SuperSymmetric (2007)
The Gourishankar Close Grip (added later)
The Pineapple Thief Tightly Unwound
The Reasoning Awakening (2007)
The Tangent Not As Good As The Book
The Watch Primitive (2007)
Theodore Ziras Hyperpyrexia (2007)
Thieves’ Kitchen The Water Road (2007)
Thork Nula Jedan (2007)
Thought Chamber Angular perceptions (2007)
Tim Burness Vision on (2007)
Touchstone Discordant Dreams (2007)
Tricantropus Recuerdos del Futuro (2007)
Turquoise Futura (2007)
Uli John Roth Under a dark Sky (added later)
Under Linden Under Linden (2007)
Unifaun Unifaun
Univerve Timeless space
Venturia Hybrid
Willow Perdita del tempo (2007)
Willowglass Book of Hours (2007)


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